November 5, 2012

Leah makes the news and turns 5!

What a week!  Leah celebrated Halloween (with 2 costumes), turned 5, her Dad shot a Buck and today she appeared on the local news!  Everything is going great!

September 23, 2012

Annual Kidney Pond Trip/Picture

This bench at our favorite camping spot is our benchmark to see how much Leah grows from year to year... I know it's been forever since I've posted but figured I better put the newest picture on.  Life is great- Leah is in pre-school again this year at the same place she went last year- she went 2 days a week last year and this week she is there 3 times a week.  She still goes to speech therapy once a week and she is on the local rec soccer team!  She is still tiny for her age but she is growing!  We haven't had a weight and height check recently but for school she needed new 3T clothes so that was a great sign!  Her feet are still doing pretty well- especially if she wears Stride Rites - seems that brand above all others corrects it better than anything else!  No plans for a 2nd adoption... we as you know tried to adopt through India again and it did not work out, though we aren't ruling anything out but at this time enjoying life as a family of 3!

November 6, 2011

Busy time of year!

This week will always be a busy week at the Harmon house...
Halloween+Birthday+Diwali party= fun

September 18, 2011

What a week!

I have posted forever but this week was quite a milestone week. Leah started pre-school and she started dance class! She is beyond excited about both! On her second day of pre-school (it meets 2x a week) we pulled into the parking lot, I unhooked her carseat and she hopped down put her back pack on and said "okay Mom, I'll see you in a little while" as if she was going to walk into the school by herself!
The dance class is beyond cute. The other 3 mothers and I decided that it would be good therapy for clinical depression or something as you can not help but smile when you watch 4 little girls prance around in tutus and tap shoes!
No news from India on adoption # 2- or no good news anyhow. Kind of hit a low point with being discouraged last week but between watching the adorable dance class and a gorgeous hike with Andrew yesterday (followed by a late lunch/early dinner at our favorite place Riverdriver's) I am back in a "happy place"!

July 20, 2011

How lucky are we?

Hanging out with Anita. Still amazes me these girls ended up in the next town over from each other in MAINE and were together in Mumbai!
Picking blueberries with Manisha, our other "neighbor" from Bal Asha!

6 Indian kids+ 1 Chinese girl= 3 very happy families!

July 6, 2011

Cast is off and we haven't stopped since!

Bath in the camp sink! Any bath feels pretty good when you haven't had one for 2 months!
2nd annual parade ride with Uncle John and Megan!

Cast free- fishing and swimming with my pal Lilly!

Chair July 2009

Chair July 2011

What a busy week! I had a birthday, Leah had her cast off, we went away to a camp for 4 nights, it was 4th of July and Andrew had a birthday!

Leah got her cast off on Thursday and our car was loaded down with all of our camping supplies and canoe on it in the hospital parking loft so we could leave from there! Leah was pretty excited to head swimming! The girl loves to swim, but gets cold SO easily!

Her foot looks good according to her surgeon. So far we can not see any visible improvement but it is stiff and she has been a typical 3 year old and using it a bit too much also!

Leah was sitting in her little chair relaxing after a hard morning of being in the Burlington parade with Uncle John and Megan again and it made me remember that she got the chair two years ago from Uncle Matt so I just went back and found the picture. I love the comparison pictures- it proves she does grow- all be it slow as a snail!

June 9, 2011

Cast is off... well, practically!

We did it!
Must coordinate your clothing with your cast!

Since Dad helped put it on do we get a discount?

The new cast is so much smaller and lighter we feel like it is almost as good as no cast at all! And, the best news is we can get it off June 30th so we get to have a fun 4th of July weekend! Yeah! Leah was a trooper getting the first cast off and the button suture out of the bottom of her foot. For a special treat for being so brave she requested a chocolate ice cream cone so we went straight to Dairy Queen when we left the hospital!